Project Stair Fridge – 5

After the first shock in seeing the remains of the formerly very crafty constructed rover they realised what might have happened. Their Father Who constructed the rover to explore a world that was most likely inhabited by creatures with an unknown level of intelligence. To avoid copyright infringement a self destruction mechanism was implemented. In case of creatures nearing the rover self destruction was activated.

This means however, that there must have been life at the time of the landing. So where is this life and can it still be found?

They looked around and continued deeper into the woods. Not long before they came to a place where numerous artificially made objects where strewn over the area.




It became more and more clear that there really must have been intelligent life on Earth in the past. They used their exploration gear for an intelligence check but could not indicate a single living creature within a quarter parsec. The creatures on this poor planet had obviously missed their chance to adapt to a changing environment. The Avatars will have perished and the souls must be caught in purgatory without any chance of applying for a workable Avatar. This may be the reason for the strange and eerie feelings they had all along since they arrived. Millions of souls will be dead bound to enter new Avatars. With this realisation dawning they activated their spirit shields. Thus no souls could enter them but also communication was more difficult since the wave capsules could not be used. Now they had to rely solely on brainwave communication. This was not difficult but very energy consuming.

In a gloomy mood they began to trod silently back towards the fridge eager to climb up the stairs.

On the way they passed a very strange object.


You thought to Aka: Tshaka tu ma trosti? (what is this push button good for) Aka thought: Propo lo (try it)

After that the world turned into a thermal disaster that no Android could have survived…


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