Is it my imagination

or are birds getting bigger.

Sitting in their trees

I swear I hear them snigger.

Early in the morning

they all congregate

at the bottom of my garden

with intentions to aggravate.

I know they are looking at me

with their beady eyes

before launching themselves

and heading for the skies.

The cat lies under the table

too scared to go outside

in case one swoops down

and takes him for a ride.

What are they eating

does anybody know?

some kind of super worm

that turns them psycho!

bird birds usa raven
Photo by Pixabay on


1 thought on “Birds

  1. Corvids, especially ravens, indeed seem to be getting larger. Some ravens are so huge, they can no longer fly. Corvids do imprint a person’s appearance and remember who is nice to them and who is not. One guy in Japan had a crow, who remembered him negatively, try to crash through a plate=glass window, to get at him.

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