Project Stair Fridge – 4

Aka, Know and You activated their spleeping sphere, put automatic watch dogs around and got ready for the night. As they settled in their sleeping position they started chattering. The language on Proxima is very different from languages in atmospheric cultures. Because of the lack of air, sound waves can not propagate and carry speech from mouth to ear. The Proxima speech uses the transformation of brainwaves into little wave capsules. These are self seeking projectiles that transfer the sound in hyper speed from the mouth of the speaker to the ear of the listener. In the mouth of the speaker, the capsules are built by normaly using the speech apparatus that has been available to humanoid Avatars ever since the old time when they were used with air. In the ear of the listener the sound capsules dissolve into the reception trumpet.

After a lot of girly chattering they suddenly realised that they were very far from home in a very foreign land with little hope of finding what they were looking for. Also the ancient moving image was on their mind when suddenly the sphere started to wobble a bit. They cuddled together. The only thing that came to their minds was to sing a soothing song:

Tschakupsi Tschakupsi
wendo kalupsi

pristo pristo hendola

indo wendo kalupsila

Tschakupsi Tschakupsi
wendo kalupsi

This song is one the most well known poems of Proxima and it is said to be very powerful in calming the spririts.

It is very difficult to translate Proxima speech to our lingo.  Here is a feeble attempt:

Mother Mother

heroine mine

never never faraway



eternal heroine of all times

Mother Mother

heroine forever

After that they slept sound until the morning without any further incidents.

In the morning they took the direction finder and programmed it to the position where the rover should have landed. And off they went on their quest.

Walking through eerie wood land they first arrived at another strange construction that didn’t give them any clue as to whether live can be found on  Earth or not.


Unsure what to do they continued deeper into the woods past fallen trees and shrubs until they finaly reached the spot where the rover had landed. Oh dear…



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