Project Stair Fridge – 2

Aka, Know and You had been chosen because they were daughters of the great Who. Who was the scientist who detected Earth in the first place. Space exploration is a difficult task on Proxima Centauri b. Because of the tremendous bombardment of radiation on the surface of the the planet, all life is placed deep under the surface in enormous caves illuminated by illuminating rocks. Only very brave scientist dare to swopamore (Method of leaving one’s Avatar to tunnel the soul to another one far away) up to the surface and put on enormous protection gear. On the surface they have to enter a stabilising platform and can use see feels (gadgets to detect light and fealings from very far away) for a few hours.

Having detected Earth as a possible outpost of intelligence, Who developed a little exploration rover. This was sent to Earth but all contact had been lost after the rover had entered the Earths atmosphere.

Who unfortunately had to leave his Avatar and do the final swopamore into purgatory before project Stair Fridge was ready for take off.

His Avatar was put to the recycling farm in a big ceremony and a memorial tree bearing his name had been planted under a ultraviolet beam stone.

Since the triplet had supported their father all along and were still only 630 years old (a year on Proxima Centaury b is about 11 days on Earth) they were given the opportunity to complete their fathers dream. Little did they know that this was not be.

Being on route now, Aka, Know and You hat a loooot of time to think things trough. If they wanted to knock a few years off, they could go into hibernate. But they could also wake up and play hide an seek, discuss philosophy and write poetry. Since ancient times on Proxima Centaury b writing poetry had been a favourite pastime.

So after another 630 years they finally arrived in the Earths orbit. Circling around a few times they could see strange formations on the surface but no indication of intelligent activities.

Full of dread they programmed the lander to the spot where the rover should have landed.

This ist what they found when they left the lander:



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