Fair Lane Fords the waters

Modern Mystic Mother

Tirthankara, creates own way to cross the samsara

Don’t you see? We were always meant to be. You belong with me. And I belong with you.

You were made for me, and I was made with you.

Can you feel the swelling of my heart as it moves the tides of the seas? I am the earth. But not the earth.. I am the sun. And the earth. I am the moon and I am mercury.

I will resurrect the dead. I know my power. I know what I am capable of, as I was ever. And all ways have ever been the way. All the ways. Which way when and where ever.

I am the path, you are the light. We keep dancing and change our roles with like the day and the night. The light and the dark, they’re all the same. I’m the ground you dance upon.

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