The goddess squads may keep their gods.

Modern Mystic Mother

Vala: I have a message I would like to send out there, Mr D.J. Do you mind if I hijack this radio station’s frequency? I do have a song request! And a subliminal message I’d like to send.

Iso: I’m not really into brainwashing. There’ll be no “subliminal” messages or anything here. I am a voice of truth and honesty, not deception and manipulation.

Vera: What if I lay out my message right here, like this. Separate the words from the visual and the auditory layers?

Iko: That should be fine. 3 layers of interpretative meaning, they can take it any which way, they all have a particular meaning and message articulated in very distinct separate ways. Very well. Let’s press play.


I see how it is, I see now. It wasn’t so much anything that I was actually doing, but that I…

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