The bleeding rose

This is my recent poem. 😊😊


The rose bleeds our love

Tells the story of what we lost

Decayed to its core,

Dead, as it appears to most

But i know it has a heart

Which beats fast

An echo of our love,

Which, decaying yet lasts.

Sad, with the uncertain events that turned up, I have a surgery today. I won’t be able to visit wordpress that often and read and comment on your posts. But, i would be back soon. ☺️☺️ Till then, goodbye.

And tell me for sure if u like the above poem πŸ‘†

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4 thoughts on “The bleeding rose

  1. All the best for your surgery

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    1. It’s over, fortunately. πŸ˜… But I am in bed rest for now. Thank you for your concern. ☺️

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  2. Keep writing while in there.

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