Bird Watching

Modern Mystic Mother

I wanted to fly with you,
Instead I’m watching you from the ground.
I wish I shared your lungs,
Instead I waste my breath on unoriginal songs.
You soar for hours on end
As I float below you on partial breeze,
Incapable of accompanying you,
requiring additional artificial assistance.
You, I’m not abandoning, despite…

You steal my high from me.
Steal my chance to dream.
Steal my heart from me.
Steal all I need.

Without you, I’m nothing on my own.
Without you, my words are silent with no song.
Without you, who will stay to comfort me?
Without you, I’m trapped inside myself.
I am alone.

I watched you fly all night
And now I’m almost there
But at that altitude
It’s too cold to reach you in the air.
Instead I’ll float just below
Waiting where there’s room to breathe
Don’t ever worry if you falter,
I’ll save…

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