The fear that comes with motherhood

One of my friends are pregnant with their first child, and she told me how unsure and scared she is to be pregnant and for what is to come, we’ve all been there, but I realised that I am still there!

I at least have one moment a day where I stop breathing because my baby got too close to the pool, or she fell just inches away from the table corner. It is just never ending, and from what I have heard, it does not get any easier as they get older. As they age we just have new things to worry about and sleepless nights wondering if they are doing okay at work or in their relationship. Being a mom is a full time job, there is no switch, no “I am done” at the end of the day.

Then there is the fear of not being good enough or not being enough for your child. As parents we forget what a huge impact we have on our children, we set the stage that the rest of their lives will play on, what makes them feel safe and the way they see life.

For me though, knowing this makes me so paranoid, as if one misstep can scar her for life and she will resent me as an adult whilst sitting in a therapy session, all because I forced her to eat her vegetables. Although this is a silly example; once you let your mind go there, it gets dark very quickly and will make even the most emotionally stable person start to panic and doubt themselves.

They key to this “mom anxiety” is to take a few deep breaths and try your best. Easier said than done right? But it is the best way to do it, being on edge and doubting yourself will in turn raise a child that will portray the very same values later in life, and who would wish this feeling on anyone? Your job is to love and protect your child as best you can, no one expects you to be perfect or to not make mistakes as a parent.

And besides, life is difficult enough don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, you will only drive yourself crazy, and who has the time for that!?

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