On the train

Mind the gap
and stand clear from the doors please

Life on the train
can be hard on your healthies

not just for the foot
that is trapped in the door
just so for the rubbish
spreading the noise floor

Many a virus is joining the trip
in search for a landlord
to give him a whip

Mobiles are blaring in passengers’ eyes
with wires attached
for their brains’ disguise

Life on the train can be strenuous and hard
or a trip to enjoy if you want to depart



2 thoughts on “On the train

  1. People sleeping or engrossed in a book
    Feet with shoes on relaxed on seats
    Plastic bottles and cans rolling on floor
    Disregard the internal environment
    Enjoy the scenery as you pass by.

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    1. Thanks for continuing the thoughts😉

      Liked by 1 person

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