Titbit #2

I don’t know when the hardships in life will pass

I don’t know what the hardships in life will cause

But I do know that “This too shall pass……….”

Which I often tell myself to carry on this drama of life to play without pause.


4 thoughts on “Titbit #2

  1. everything will eventually pass, but it depends on what you mean by “this”

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    1. Obviously ……’This’ meaning my current situation….each and every problem varies with its own intensity right…time may differ but eventually everything will pass as you say…

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      1. On a long enough time scale, everything works itself out for the best.
        My problem is that my problem extends beyond my life time. I do not know if it will ever come to pass.

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      2. At times I also feels the same …bt in a true sense Time only heals everything while we stay here in this earth….sure enough that everything shall pass be it happiness and also sadness….
        At times of frustration Trying to be less negative works out quiet well….
        Have a good day

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