Privacy Price – 20 $ per month

In my last post, I claimed that there’s no privacy on the Internet. You can check out that post here. Now, in this post, I have come with a proof that indeed, there’s no privacy on the Internet.

We all heard almost a year back that Facebook disclosed a million users’ personal data to third parties (not the first time though). But this time, they are not exposing but stealing and storing the users’ data.

Mark and company is using a VPN app called ‘Facebook Research’ which spies on every single activity of the users. This application gives Facebook the absolute access to the device’s network data, which normally means every single activity done on device. Though, this program is referred as ‘Project Atlas’ in company’s documentation. (I don’t know why!!. 🙄)

By this Project Atlas,…. Read more.

2 thoughts on “Privacy Price – 20 $ per month

  1. Yeah. I commented on your actual post on your blog, BM. I don’t know what to do, I can’t fight a machine, lol. I can’t change what has already been done. I just… don’t have the fortitude to continue on… Like, I don’t know what I’m doing, or trying to achieve. I don’t know anything really.

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    1. Relax relax relax!!……..
      Take a breath……
      Neither me know anything..


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