My Amygdala Blue

Hey Blue,
I’m the boss not you.

Thanks for the warning
but I’m okay this morning.

No need for you
to be on alert

I know I am not
going to get hurt.

Hey Blue,
you can have a rest

I am learning to cope
with this test.

I know everyone
is here for me,

so, you can go
back to sleep and let me be.

blue and white smoke digital wallpaper
Photo by Rafael Guajardo on


11 thoughts on “My Amygdala Blue

  1. Reblogged this on Forty Something Life As We Know It and commented:
    Such a great post by Just had to reblogged it!!!

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  2. A beautiful poem. I am reminded of a song title.. Magdalena, by a perfect circle.

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    1. Thanks, I am not familiar, may check it out.


  3. Courtney Worthy Dec 22, 2018 — 23:58

    This is amazing poem

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      1. Courtney Worthy Dec 23, 2018 — 01:54

        Your welcome


  4. oh my sweet amygdala loves this.

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  5. This poem speaks to me on a personal level; so beautiful.

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      1. It pictures the relationship between my daughter and myself

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