Beauty is in the eye

of the Instagram filter.

Pouting and vain

this is what becomes her.


Not happy with her

natural looks.

Wants to be the image

she has seen in books.


Celebrities famous

for doing nothing.

Heroes to the ones

that are struggling.


She has been taken in

by the propaganda.

Now has no choice but to

follow the memorandum.

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7 thoughts on “Image

  1. Yes and no. Beauty is found in the eyes of the one who remains to face the fear of their lover or friend. Because we stand with one another, and reach out to touch and see that it is real? And they didn’t try to hurt us in return?
    Beauty is found everywhere. Anywhere. It is your choice is what you believe to be beautiful. The aesthetic taste. That doesn’t make a person or thingy any more or less beautiful to behold

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  2. better to have a beautiful soul!

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  3. being beautiful from inside is very important. Wonderful the way you penned

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  4. Vishnu Aswanth Dec 12, 2018 — 16:45

    I admire at your thoughts. I would like to reblog it. Can I please!

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  5. Vishnu Aswanth Dec 12, 2018 — 19:50

    Reblogged this on Ambitious flyer and commented:

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  6. That is so very true!

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