SKT reading forecasts an ideal storm. — Modern Mystic Mother

19 January 2019, 7.26pm; a tarot reading a la moi, using the beneficent Benebell Wen’s supercalifragilisticexpialidawesome tarot deck. I felt concerned about a friend’s fortune, as he was saying some pretty hopeless things that made me feel pretty bleak for him. Well whaddya know, you’re responsible for this happening to yourself. This is necessary to […]

via SKT reading forecasts an ideal storm. — Modern Mystic Mother

Just wanted to make sure I shared my divination (did it just now) with my fellow scribbler’s.

I know that this probably won’t be applicable to many of you, but I feel it important to share it here anyway. For the benefit of those that feel the words and the cards speak to them, I’m leaving my reading here for you.

Whatever hardship you are experiencing right now? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. You are responsible for all that you experience in this world. Sort of, to an extent. Because no one is perfect and therefore no one is able to be held to such impossible standards and expectations all of the time… But yeah, for the most part, you’re responsible for your own life. And like all responsible people, we must be held accountable for our misdeeds.

This year will be a reckoning. Whatever form your life has by the end of this year? Next year it will calcify. So best make all your adjustments and measures and such while you can. Make yourself as comfortable as possible because who know how long you’ll have to be wherever it is that you are?

My cards (which I still haven’t gotten around to writing a full interpretation on…) have pegged May to be the real turnabout, turnaround day of judgment. Or as I have affectionately come to call it, my karma-geddon! Where everyone high-tide time gets the recognition and appraisal for what ever they have done.

Seriously. Having the shining light of judgment all over you in front of everyone isn’t fun. But I got through it. I was shamed and I was judged, and I was (so far anyway!!) deemed… acceptable. I was still worthy of love and am fast on my way to feeling completely back to normal again (before the whole crazy craziness of 2018…).

In christian theology, the white horseman is the sign of the ”antichrist”. It is the sign of the false christ who is a pretender, a deceiver unto mankind. He is the horseman of conquest. JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE that I ”campaigned” for the position of anti-christ because why not. I was sick to all heck of the crap and the judgments. I took on the name of the enemy, because it’s just a name. Why couldn’t I be christ? I was only messing around with the letters.

And that has led me to the knowledge and supposed ”wisdom” I have in my spirit. I know the power of language, form, and intention. I like to play around with the initials of my own name. And in my playing around making anagrams and having fun saying the syllables and sounds (you know how I’m Kalliope? that’s a Greek name), I come to understand that Kali Yuga and Kalki both reside in me. Not trying to be offensive or inflammatory or anything to anyone. I am only emphasising that I understand the power of names and the truth of one’s own power when they are truly HONEST with themselves.

Love and light; live and write; laugh and learn. Keep on going, sharing, and healing the people all around you, it’d be my greatest pleasure that no one have to get all cranky and bitter because they missed out on the joy of the communion of shared spirits, and the love and harmony that would surely just radiate.


Take it easy, my fellow scribblers! Until we meet again. 🙂

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