Final Farewell

Whenever you say goodbye

do you ever think that’s it?

I will never see this person again

or laugh at their dry wit.

Do you take for granted

that they will always be there?

or do you get a strange feeling

and offer up a little prayer.

There will come a day

that it will be the final goodbye,

you may not realise it then

but find yourself asking why.

Why did I not tell her

I loved her with all my heart?

and now I’ve lost the one

who was my best part.

Try to appreciate 

the chance you have now

and don’t let silly arguments

blow it somehow.

Photo by Trinity Kubassek on


8 thoughts on “Final Farewell

  1. So true.. In a few days I’ll be having my college farewell.😥

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  2. A very poignant poem!

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  3. I just recently lost someone very close to me and posted a blog about the experience. In the blog I say something similar to what you say here about the “finality” of it all. What my friend’s death has brought to the surface is my true beliefs on the subject of death and the afterlife and now I’m entering a journey of discovering this “afterlife world” for the first time. While I haven’t arrived at any concrete decisions, I’ll say this: I’m beginning to lean toward something post-death. And it’s changing everything!!! Much love!!

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    1. Thank you and I’m sorry for your loss.


  4. Beautiful.. I can so
    Relate to those emotions !

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