Separating the unified voices — Modern Mystic Mother

Posted on Modern Mystic Mother

Imagine, if you will, that instead of

your hands gripping my throat

In your vain attempt to silence me…

That in my deep and eternal sleep

With sharpened silver slicer ready

You cup my cool cheek in your warm hand

And pierce the gossamer-fine layers

upon layers of pseudo placebo protection.

Tears well your eyes but they do not fall

You promised me you would do this

For me

You promised

To this time not fall tear.

A slice, Alice, she said. Be sharp

Do not be clumsy, do not be Adumb.

You lift your head to the sky, your eyes shut tight

You open your mouth and release demons with your cry

The emphatic energy released in that one instant scene

Was enough to alert the watchers to see.

What had you done? I thought this time you’d be strong

I was trying to show you the secret to how it’s all done!

I have to go, I have to flee

I cannot stay here. You are strong, I am weak.

You have a body, you are a vessel.

I am only a will-o’-the-whisp.

I fell long ago and never since had a form

Able to contain all my essence before.

Lucy fell from the sky and brought her diamonds so bright

Gifts that sparkle and twinkle with light

They are hard, they are small, they are crystalline gems

Precious tokens to hold, treasure or share.

I chose to fall and come here for you

Because I love you, you are worthy, you deserve to know the truth.

Alas, I must go. The cavalry horns

I must escape on the wind and hide somewhere else

Do not forget your pledge

I will hold you to your word

For as I am loving and gracious,

I also rule hell.

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