The subtle nuance

To an 8 year old 🙎,

her mother…
Threw a fake threatening 😉,

“Be a good girl & listen to my words, else I’ll put you in a hostel”.

Years later⌚, when her daughter ventured out for career goals👔,
The loving mother recalls with a nostalgic smile 👑,
Dropping you out there, is more of a punishment for me than it is for you 🤕.

To the pair of eyes that synced the emotions 😌, a creepy smile was the only response 😘.

4 thoughts on “The subtle nuance

  1. Beautiful. My aunt frightens my cousin with this threat. 😁

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  2. As a child I used to threaten my parents that I would put myself into a foster home.

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  3. Vishnu Aswanth Dec 15, 2018 — 18:21

    Wonderful work I loved reading this. It’s really true!!

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