For Cristian Mihai

The qualia that quails of my qualm. An articulation of acknowledgement, to call out my name, was all I requested of you. Your silence and my shadow sang their sweet sentiments, and I felt the cold caress of sadness on my cheek… what curious bedfellows our spirits entertain… alchemical transmutation of sensuous strangers and forsaken folk.

K. – random nobody,

Cristian – WordPress blog star.

It’s all in my head. I’d write stuff, and think he’d read it. But he never ever responded with a K.

The above was only a comment I tried to leave on one of his most recent posts on one of his blogs. Don’t remember which one. It was just my “click and reply” bullshit.. I didn’t attempt to write I poem or beautiful prose, I just felt so sad and fucking sick of his absolute refusal to engage with me.

I decided to post it here just in case… before he gets to pretend that someone else wrote it.

3 thoughts on “For Cristian Mihai

  1. Wonderfully poignant!

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