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14 August 2018 Once upon a time I knew exactly who I was, I recognised the immense power and potential within me. I was able to create magic not only for myself but for others, I was able to bend the world to my will. I recognised the necessity for all of my limitations and […]

via Rerun 004: Sleep to hard reset — Modern Mystic Mother

7 January 2019, 3:12pm; Good afternoon to all the beautiful readers of the Scribbler’s Arena. This is Kalliope, the modern mystic mother. It has been a long time (relatively speaking) since I last stood upon this platform and spoke with (to) you all here.

I have been quiet as of late as there has been a bunch of things in my immediate physical life that has required my attention and focus as thus my presence online has waned. That’s totally fine, it’s not exactly fame and fortune I desire.

My desires? My ambitions and idealised intentions? To foster and nurture creative and critical thought in humanity, but to also emphasise that when we as individuals reach out to others, we do so out of a place of love and respect.

I have been quite blessed in the regard that I have no had any misfortune of being the recipient of any negativity or malice from my fellow Scribblers. Phew. However I do want to draw attention to decorum and perceived intentions. For although we may not mean to come across as pushy or aggressive, it is this same eagerness and intensity that can be interpreted as overstepping one’s bounds.

We, as a social species, seek to connect with other like minded individuals. We are not creatures who desire to feel isolation and solitude (although those states of being can offer respite when we are otherwise inundated with so many social contracts and civil cues).

I am a mother and I understand the plight of the lonely child who seeks unconditional love and acceptance. I hold out my arms for a welcoming embrace. Yet I am also a wife to a fierce, strong and jealous husband. I’ve always been the one to push the boundaries and can be quite ‘shady’ as I seek to teach the meaning of love (for yourself and for others) as I often lead by example and demonstration. I strive to have my actions (and the way I carry and present myself) reinforce the truth of my words.

Yet, my husband, as is the way of men… They are direct and decisive, they are as a sword or club. They protect and defend just the same as if they were to strike or attack. Men approach issues head on, with a determined and forceful intention.

Women engage in a more subtle form of behaviour. They are pervasive, evasive and beguiling. They are charming, their appearances can be disarming to the untrained observer. The gentler sex shies away from confrontation as they are more attuned to the sensitivities of the tidal waves of human emotion. It is easier to turn and walk away than to face the pained expression of a hurt child.

Now these are just my own personal observations and understanding to explain the apparent differences in modes of behaviour the two sexes. You don’t have to take my word as gospel, but instead take it as A PERSONAL OPINION. This is my theory and idea in regards to the unseen machinations of human behaviour in society and culture.

In summary, when it comes to fostering human connections and interactions, I encourage you to think about

  • your intention for reaching out
  • to whom you are attempting to connect
  • how your word/behaviour choices can be interpreted by the other person, or perhaps any observer

We live in a world where it is not our minds or hearts that exist in isolation, but it is the actions and deeds that give weight to our intentions. For we only know and see what we can learn to see.

Be sure that you live and speak your own personal truth, thereby it has no reason to fear and shrink back from the harsh, examining and revealing light of judgment.

Honesty. Be honest with yourself. That way when you approach others, you have no reason to fear or doubt any scrutiny.

Lots of love and light from this little fireball of sunshine and warmth, to all of you who took the time to read my words. 🙂


(btw, I signed up to Patreon. If you appreciate my words and teachings, I would be humbled if you could show your support by becoming a patron of mine for as little as $1 per month.)

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