Happy New Year!!!!!

2019 is just around the corner. We’ve been here before- eagerly waiting to see what in store a new year has for us.

However, what most people don’t give a thought about when a new year kicks in, is how old they’re becoming, or how the year seems to usher in new responsibilities and how a younger part of them seems to shed off.

I confess I have already started to make some changes in myself. And I believe come 2019, there’ll be a new me.

I know it’s not a stretch, but I decided to add more clothes in my wardrobe. And a new hairstyle for me. And more frequent use of shampoo for my hair.
All this is just a vibe I’m trying to keep up with, that will presumably get me through the new year with some confidence.

To be honest, I have no solid resolutions. I just want to relax and enjoy the flow. Whatever happens, happens. But that doesn’t mean I am unprepared.

My mind is fully furnished, and there are things I wouldn’t want to experience come 2019.
So I’ve made up my mind to focus on things that matter- my education, and of course my writings.

I thoroughly comprehend that not everything will change.
Some things will still be the same, and I’ll be forced to deal with them anyway.
But at the very least, it should be me who is very much obliged to change how I deal with them this time round.

2019 will be bearable, just like all the previous years have been, that I can attest to.
We have every right to be scared, but even so, we still have to face it either way.

I wish you a happy new year guys.
You don’t have to strive to be different because it’s a new year. You might lose sight of who you are and what you’ve always wanted to be.

You just keep doing your thing, but what this coming year should really be about, is you facing your fears, and being daring, and being vocal, and expressing your feelings plainly.

It should all be about letting people know what you want from them, at least those you’ve managed to keep by your side.

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