Can man live without a woman ??

can man live without woman ?

The Cocks may crow,but it’s the hen that lays the egg.     ‘Margaret Thatcher’

There is Male inside Female,

Mr in every Mrs,

He in each She,

Which proves that man can not live without a woman !    (Shadiquote)

I shall add one more…..There is man in Woman

Don’t you agree that sometimes men overrate themselves ( by mistake ) ?

Do you agree with me ?

A flower can’t blossom without sunshine,and a man can’t live without love

Max Muller

Thank you.Philosophy through photography


7 thoughts on “Can man live without a woman ??

  1. It seems that in my limited experience generally speaking, men are unhappy without women, but women (older ones anyway) can do okay without men. Talking about romantic relationships.

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    1. Thank you Paula Light for stopping by.Yes for me too it looks so.Women as they age gain more confidence and can run their show alone,since they are stronger than men in their will power.

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  2. So true… A flower cannot blossom without Sunshine.. Hope every man understand who is their sunshine..

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    1. Couldn’t agree more.As I said,we,the men think too great about ourselves all the time!
      Thank you Chiru

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      1. Yes most of the time

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