A soul to be Extolled

A man of Mystery 🙄

In the earthling 🌏 history

With the immutable victory 👍

In the journey with “Tamizh” (தமிழ்)….

Created 3 sections,133 chapters each 10 couplets

Sculptured 1330 couplets in reality 📃

He manifested the globe with universality

Shows his mind’s 🖋versatility……

In each and every couplet

First line of four words and

Second line of three words would

Drag us miles🏃 to infinity in realisation

Everything changes as the time pass by

Exceptionally the value of his writing ✒never change…..

Rather revolving in the cosmos🌐 with people’s admiration

Of his understanding about his own species 👨‍👨‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧and

In proving false to “Time”⏳and “Change”

Admiring ! 😮To know that

“The word ‘Tamizh'(தமிழ்) and ‘Kadavul'(கடவுள்) was not used throughout”

Amazing !😯 To learn that

Out of 247 alphabets 37 was not used throughout”

Astonishing !🤔 To hear that

“The second book after bible to get more translation (26 language)”

Could not tell-‘Last’ but definitely

Not ‘Least’ things are treasured about Thirukural

Being known human life🚶 is Mortal

He left his creation 📃Immortal

With the guarantee from Nature🍃 that

Thirukural lasts till Nature🍁 exists

To preach the people till they Nurture !!!

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