Where are you stuck?

I have heard of a glue in the market that sticks anything
I wondered if it was stickier than the:
hesitation that stuck my lips so that the questions never slipped from my tongue
pain that stuck my heart in its place so that it never pounded again over happiness
sweat that stuck my palm so that I never raised my hand in self defence
heaviness that stuck my feet to the ground so that I never took the next step for growth
fear that stuck my eyes to the ground so that I never raised them up in confidence
shame that stuck to my nose so that I never kept it in the air in pride
memories that stuck to my mind so that I never moved on
guilt that stuck to my hair which I could never wash off and be light and clean again


Where are you stuck?

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3 thoughts on “Where are you stuck?

  1. No one should be made to feel that kind of guilt!

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  2. I don’t know where I’m stuck? I’m inert. I move as the wind, the water and waves.

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    1. That’s okayyy, its okay to be uncertain and cherish it, not all the phases of life need titles, its just about living them and winning them!

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