So Let’s Just Be Real About 2019- It’s Not About The New Year And What It Brings; It’s Just Us…


It’s no different. Just same old same old, at least for me. I don’t know if it’s me, but there is nothing new with 2019.

We could say all we want, but so far nothing has changed for me.

I guess it’s too early, or maybe I seem to be too stubborn to change, either way, I feel like there is this crap we keep in our heads that it’s the year; and not exactly us.

We put so much pressure in ourselves just to keep up with this vibe that we should really focus on makings things so bigger and better.

And we tend to forget some crucial aspects of our lives, of our long lost dreams.

So let’s just be real. We just hide beneath as being hyped by a new year, but it’s never really about the year in its full extent, I mean it’s never about…

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