Here is the Solution for all your problems

Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.

Lou Holtz

So you are left to solve your own problems and you know it is an impossible task to solve the problem without taking somebody’s help.

What to do now ?

“Think twice, before you tell once”


By telling your problems to others,are you not showing your weak point ?

Or you think by telling your problems to others you are on a strong wicket ?

Are you in the habit of blaming others …for all your problems ?

Here is the solution according to Kevin A Thompson

He suggests two ways to solve your problems

  1. Only tell someone who can help
  2. Only tell some one it can help.

“Everyone deals with problems. Some situations tempt us to tell everyone. Other situations tempt us to tell no one. Rarely are either of those two options appropriate. By only telling someone who can help and someone who it can help, we maintain our privacy while also joining others in healthy community.” Kevin A Thompson

Check his link

Only tell your problems to 2 people

You wanna know My simple solution? Chill out!

“I think the best next solution to solving  a problem is,finding some humor in it” –Frank Howard Clark

Thank you. Philosophy through photography

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8 thoughts on “Here is the Solution for all your problems

  1. Great food for thoughts! 🙏🏻😌

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    1. Thank you Livelivingnow.Appreciate stopping by.

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      1. You are most welcome 🙏🏻.

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  2. Das Problem des Problems

    Das Problem mit einem Problem ist,
    dass einer, der ein Problem hat,
    oftmals nicht problemlos damit umgehen kann.

    Wann und warum ?

    der meint,
    keine Probleme zu haben,
    aber dein Problem – und die Probleme anderer gleich mit dazu –
    dann zu seinem Problem macht,
    der bekommt und hat dann wirklich ein Problem,
    weil er damit in der Folge auch anderen Probleme bereitet,
    indem er nun die Probleme dieser anderen zwar lösen will,
    aber die wiederum nun mit ihm ein Problem bekommen,
    weil am Ende von diesen dann keiner mehr weiß,
    welches Problem nun eigentlich wessen Problem war und ist,
    und deshalb eine problemlose Problemlösung kaum noch denkbar ist.

    Kann man mir noch folgen ?

    Nein ? –
    das kann und wird
    nicht mein Problem
    sein !
    © PachT 2011 / Aus meinem Tagebuch


  3. Well said PachT _ Autor / Blogger,thank you so much.
    As I understand,even the one without any problem will be a problem to others,in case he tries solve others problems and finally no body knows whose problem belongs to whom and the truth is problems can not be solved. Am I correct in understanding what you said since German language is not my mother tongue.Appreciate you for stopping by.Let me know if I have missed any part of your comment.


  4. Wah re wah aap tho multi linguist nikle….German bhi? Romba korachila edapottiteno ungalài?


  5. Ha ha good one.Beginingle chollumbothu ninge namballe!


  6. the best solution is, you made the problem, you solve it!

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