How do you write?

Do you wait until everything’s right?

Do you drink a cup of coffee,

and stare out a window?

Or do you lay back with you

head upon your pillow?

Does the smallest thing light a spark

or do you wait until its dark?

Do you write best when you are sad?

Pour all your tears on to your notepad.

I write when I am unaware.

It seems to come without a care.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

14 thoughts on “Unaware

  1. Yes to all! I never stop, pretty much. 😂

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  2. There is always something to write whether it be sad or happy ……never stop writing.

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  3. Pretty much all but mostly l write at night, when the world is quiet and my thoughts and soul are in alignment

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  4. I write when I feel moved to do so.

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  5. Wow I write whether im happy or sad theres just always something waiting to be released

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  6. Writing is how I organize my thoughts and feelings

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  7. I write when I feel an inner urge to do so.
    Good post!

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  8. I am one who keeps notes on my phone, as my thoughts are always racing and something is always coming to me. I than wait till night when I have time to go through, feel, think and observe how I feel and how I want to express. Great post!

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