The Fall

What you see on the outside

is not what I am on the inside.


Left crippled by my own fears

and starting to dread the oncoming years.


People look and think I have it all,

they do not realise I am heading for a fall.


Every day, I put on a face to hide the lies,

soon enough, that cracks with my cries.

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5 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. It is easy to look at the coming years with trepidation. Having all one’s faculties and physical abilities helps, yet those are not guaranteed forever.

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  2. I thin k we all feel that way at times!

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  3. I loathe war. Fight your own battles. Not the battles of others. Fight for your self. That is the only war I pronounce. I fall for no one, I fall for myself. I don’t fall to my knees to pray, I do everything I do in my own way.

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