Harness the Power Within!

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Faith is god.

God is within you.

You are the superpower.

Your mind is the vehicle.

Your heart is the navigation.

Your negative thoughts are obstacles.

Your Positive thoughts are like free-flowing traffic.

Life is the road you drive on.

Obstacles are inevitable, they block your way

You might have to stop in between the road.

You see people in other lanes moving at a faster speed.

Do not get disheartened, for this is the time

You need the most strength to have faith and to believe yourself.

That you are enough, and you have all the skills in you to do the best.

It is tuff, but as my dad always says

“When going gets tuff, the tuff gets going”

The Power is within you, either to give up or to get going.

Do not let the obstacles or people in other lanes hold you back or distract you.

Let your Faith drive you to do better and only better for your wellbeing.

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