Driving through the streets of the city,

I witness an intense bustle of activity as is usual,

I see different classes of people,

ranging from top of the notch brand attired to casual and on to shabby,

the ladder’s steps are on display and it’s as bright as the sun for everyone keeping a keen eye.

I’m a person-watcher,

not with the intent to criticize,

I just enjoy watching how people act.

I like to compare and

contrast behaviors of people and personalities.

I simply like to understand the human nature better.

In my people-watching segments, my eyes particularly linger on the gray people.

My mind registers them as such.

These are people who blend in with their backgrounds.

They’re dressed in brownish-gray clothes and they don’t really stand out until you see them move.

They are mostly stationary and bundled in their blankets to keep out the winter’s cold.

Their chaffed palms are constantly rubbing against each other to prevent the numbness from creeping up their arms, and at this point I’m no longer a person-watcher.

At this point, I give up watching entirely because my heart constricts at the injustice of this all.

As my steps take me closer to my home, I begin hating myself and I wonder how selfish and unthankful I had been just this morning when I couldn’t find the right color of scarf to match my clothes or that I had run out of Colombian coffee when I could have easily brewn some turkish.

Why should these things matter?

But yet, it’s in our nature as humans to always move on. We don’t dwell on other’s needs as much as we do on our wants.

I respect the gray people, those who are still fighting on for a chance to live another day depending on a glimmer of hope that chance usually brings with it.

Life was cruel to them and life could be equally cruel to me.

Be thankful for the circumstances that have gotten you to where you are.

Your mentality, personality and status were shaped based on the favourable circumstances you were placed in.

So before you blame the gray on being the makers of their fortune, I want you to think about this:

Yes, we do have control over our lives and we can effect a change to improve upon it if it’s not to our liking, but to do that, you need the right emotional support, finances and education.

I refuse to believe that a person would rather prefer to live on the streets than to walk into a shop and ask for a job that would get him back on his feet. Why would they want to lay on frozen cobbled streets and frostbitten benches in the bitter cold?

These are daily thoughts and images that make me humbled and all the more thankful for what I am lucky enough to have.

27 thoughts on “Gray

  1. Grey is interesting as it adds tone and shade to existent colours. But life is drab when every thing and one is the same. This year my skin went grey when I was sick. The canteen lady at the school pointed it out. I like labels to help me deal with stuff so I did that thing that I do and put a new spin on it. Thats why i called since then i have called myself the greyface. (For it is not half white and half black like a half moon. It is the moon)

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    1. Beautiful! I happen to own a wardrobe half of which is gray. 😅 I might start calling you greyface hun!!

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      1. And today I’m wearing black and white. Hahaha. I’ll post it on Insta.
        Grey face the wise wizard, like Gandalf used to be before he became older and .. white. Lol

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      2. God I love people who use LOTR references. Dayum gurl!


  2. Quite a write, get one self introspecting

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  3. Good post Zena, bringing out the empathetic and beautiful side.
    I would also like watching people, just to see how happiness touch them.
    But it cuts across class, wealth, colour. That’s a relief

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    1. Thanks again Kurian. My pleasure to habe you interact with my posts.
      We are a curious bunch here on WordPress. 😌

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      1. Thank you Zena. It’s lovely to follow your posts. And I will do that with utmost sincerity.
        And you’re right, we’re a lovely bunch of bloggers here 😊

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  4. That would indeed please me to no end.


  5. Interesting to read… grey shade is kind of blessing.. not too black not any dark color…
    Grey reminds me of Gandalf the grey from lord of rings..

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    1. People who use LOTR referencing are always my favorite kind of people. 😄😄

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      1. 😊 one of my favorite.. that includes hobbit series as well..

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      2. yesss sirrr!! the best of all time!!

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  6. I love the storytelling. Great job.

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    1. Thanks. My intense pleasure.
      A happy new year to you! ❤️❤️

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  7. You are a compassionate person, and I share your regard for the destitute, the gray. I see people whom I can help and those I can’t help, and know that in a world of 7 billion people, there has to be someone who can offer assistance. It can’t all fall on a few shoulders.

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    1. Thank you for you heartfelt words. I have just written what I have seen, but what’s more important should be my actions and the steps I can take towards helping who needs to be helped.
      A happy new year to you. Best wishes ❤️❤️

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  8. We should always be thankful for what we have because some people, don’t even have what they need.

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    1. You’re right. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are better off than so many others and should be more appreciative of the support system surrounding us. Happy New Year!! Love ❤️❤️

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      1. Exactly what I wanted to say. You too!

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  9. Hey Zena. Informing you that once I was the greyface, I am now the lady in red. But I’m still grey like the moon, like the poetic comparisons we’ve shared.
    Don’t forget you can still reach out to me anytime for anything. Yeah? Love you.

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    1. Red suits you because you have a personality that stands out and a strong aura that radiates strength and compassion.
      You truly are one of a kind.
      I haven’t forgotten that I have someone I can depend on as you. Love you too and a very happy new year to you and your family. xoxo 😊😊

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      1. Thanks Zena! With symbolism it can get a bit overwhelming trying to remember all the different cultural associations. I think western culture is the one that looks down on red as being too passionate and associates it with wrath, lust and blood. I’m calling myself the Queen of Hearts this year, and using violent and whatever imagery. Because why not right? Incite the imagination and whatever it takes to ignite critical and creative independent thought. 🙂
        Happy New year, by the way. (Hugs forever) you’re the best and I’m blessed to call you a friend. Thank you.

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      2. I truly am glad and I have this feeling of peacefulness within me that comes from the presence of people such as you in my life. May it be a peaceful year (fingers crossed) for us both. mwaaah. Love u.

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  10. Grey is an interesting color. It’s always present whether we acknowledge or not just like people. But it is always wise to acknowledge life and be present in that knowledge since life is so important and we never know who we are passing by. I enjoyed the piece and entered the journey with you

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    1. Thank you so much. Your comment pleased my heart, we need to each play a role as minimal as can be towards helping out those who need the help. Need and not want.

      A happy new year to you and I wish upon our grey friends the same too.. ❤️❤️

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      1. Thank you so much. The very same too you and yours


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