Pot of Gold

At the end of every rainbow

there is a pot of gold.

When I was a child

that was the story I was told.

A child’s wide eyes

cannot hide surprise.

After every rain shower

I would search the skies

praying that one

might soon appear,

then rush outside

before it could disappear.

I now know

pots of gold never did exist

but for a young child

the search was always bliss.

agriculture cloudiness clouds cloudy
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

7 thoughts on “Pot of Gold

  1. They do exist. But not as you know them to be. They are not literally containers of gold. They are symbolic and figurative. They are the treasure you want them to be.

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  2. You don’t see them with your literal physical eyes. But you can see them if you look for them. It’s that you try.

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  3. A very poignant poem!

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  4. I love your rhymes and messages. 🙂

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  5. A rainbow has ever been a symbol of good fortune. The mistaken notion that one need not earn that good fortune has been the source of much needless despair.

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