Epiphanic Love

: A postmodern love tale (Continued)

I saw Raven and Sara crying at the barn. After an embrace, Sara kissed Raven’s forehead and he immediately pulled himself out of Sara. After a few more tick-tocks on the watch and uncomfortable silence, Sara said something and with a light pat on Raven’s shoulder, he left him there alone.

I don’t know what they talked about, but seeing Raven’s expression, he seemed disturbed and at loss of what to do next. I wanted to step up to him, but his dog came running to him before me. It was a female dog, and Raven snuggled a bit with her before going back to his house.

I kept sitting inside my blue Wagon R and took a deep breath. I thought about Yarun and Naveen when I started the engine.

By the time I reached their house and parked my car aside, I saw Yarun coming out with Naveen of her little house. They kissed for a few minutes as if they’ll never meet again and then there was a sudden thud in the air, which made the girls shiver and separate.

I tried to read Naveen’s lips and what they seem to utter was something seen by both, me and one more person, who was seeing them from above.

P.S. — Influenced by Postmodernism, and Postmodernist writers like, John Fowles, this story is an attempt to break certain common literature stereotypes, that we all accept being a reader and a writer. One of the apparent subversion here is, the abrupt entrance of the author herself in the scene.

This was part two of the story.

Read part one here.

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