Are you enjoying your Ego trip ?

EGO-The only requirement to destroy any relationship                                                                       Take off the E and let it GO !!

“Ego trip-A journey to nowhere”      ‘Robert Half’

And George Orwell beautifully describes the saga of Egotism,

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it,and wiser than the one that comes after.”

Ego, n. “A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance”

It’s very simple.

You feel great about yourself,You think you are the one & the only charming personality,None can match your talents,and your abilities are infinite. You feel rest are unfit. You think world comes to a stand still if none cares you.

Congratulations! you are now the famous Emperor of Ego-land.

Everyone of us have some amount of ego,it’s a fact.
Let us accept it.

And if somebody claims that he or she is does not have ego,it’s certain that this person is lying.

Anyone who’s successful, whatever way it has been achieved has a certain amount of ego and it is the truth.

Ego is the illusion created by our thoughts and none of us are immune from it.

Even persons with humility,on occasion succumbs to Ego.

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

– C.S. Lewis

So how best to avoid ego trap friends ?

Talent is God-given, be humble.                                                                                           

Fame is man-given, be thankful.                                                                                                 

Conceit is self-given, be careful.

John Wooden

Dear friends if possible answer the following questions and help me.

1. Is there any possibility of bearable/acceptable E G O ?

2. Is it possible to dedicate one day in a week as ‘No Ego day’ , for the benefit of the            fellow- beings with whom we interact ?

3.Who has greater ego . Men ? or Women ? and why you think so ?

4. What is the difference between a Narcissist & Egoistic ?

5. Is EGO the cause for divorces and break up in relationships ?

Thank you.   Philosophy through photography




22 thoughts on “Are you enjoying your Ego trip ?

  1. After reading and studying ‘The Power Of Intention’ by Dr.Wayne W. Dyer I discovered that allowing myself to be dominated by an EGO – my Ego is wrong. I can’t say who has greater ego’s male or female. I can say that I lived with a man that had a massive EGO whoo thought he was God’s gift to the world .

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts and ref of Dr.wayne W Dyer’s power of intention book.Planning to buy one. summarises the 6 ego beliefs from this book.
      I am what I have. My possessions define me.
      I am what I do. My achievements define me.
      I am what others think of me. My reputation defines me.
      I am separate from everyone. My body defines me as alone.
      I am separate from all that is missing in my life. My life space is disconnected from my desires.
      I am separate from God. My life depends on God’s assessment of my worthiness.”
      There is no such thing as acceptable ego
      I guess men are more egoistic
      Celebrating no ego day just impossible.
      Narcissist & egoist are equally bad for the society.
      Ego is the root cause of all misfortunes in this world.
      Thank you

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      1. Thank you so much for the summary of the 6 ego beliefs …much appreciated.

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  2. I believe that to be creative you have to have a certain amount of ego, or re-label it self-confidence!

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  3. Perfect! Orvillewrong.What ever basic ego we have ( because it is inborn error) call it ‘confidence’ instead of ego…. well said. It boosts one ability in performing.

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  4. Nicely done! Ego and attachment are the cause of our suffering for the most part. Love remove the E and let Go! ❤️🦋🌀

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    1. Thank you so much Sheila Murrey.I wish things are that easy.

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      1. I think it is. But it’s our human minds that feel the need to make everything complex.
        Our only work is to make our mind serviceable. Repeat that after me. Serviceable.

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  5. I think ego issues are one of the major reasons why we fight. Nobody likes to be put down and snubbed even if they are wrong.

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    1. True Parikhit Dutta,no body is willing to accept of wrong doing and try to throw blame on others.

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      1. My apologies for delayed response,I am wondering how I missed your comment.Thank you.


  6. I don’t know if I can answer every thing in a single comment but I will try to make this as short and sharp as possible…
    Since the ego is a construct of the mind, it maintains power and control by “hiding in plain sight”. The only way, that I see it anyway, to remove it’s power is to say it for what it is. Say it’s name, call it out. Everyone is exactly the same so I don’t know why people are so butt hurt about admitting to their flaws.
    I’m completely egocentric. Egotistic, narcissistic, egomaniacal. I talk a damn lot about myself because I dunno, that’s my way. I only know my perspective and my experiences. But I seek to uncover truth and reveal light and love. So I dig dig dig and yeah, it can get messy, but it’s all metaphorical.
    I admit to my ego and say it out right for what it is and hope that my readers or viewers or family and friends know the real truth behind the things that I say and what I do. Because my intentions are generally usually good… But.. I’m not perfect. I’m just… backwards? Lol antagonistic but not a villain.
    I hope that made sense 🙂

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    1. Umm….I must say you are frank and yes brutally frank.Yes.It’s a nice thing to call spade a spade.You are right again… nobody is perfect .But all of us do drama sometimes to look perfect.As long as intentions are good things are ok.Thank you for perfect analysis of power of human behaviour

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      1. Yeah I am brutally honest. Which gets me in a lot of trouble. But I figure we’re all adults here and have the capacity to make our own minds up.
        I know I am also a manipulator or truth because I’m a teacher. And you don’t teach Shakespeare or calculus to young kids, gotta build up to that cognitive level of comprehension and understanding! 🙂

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      2. Yeah,Kalliope, thank you.I have to agree as your assertion is valid and very strong.

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  7. Ego is a parasite that feeds on human minds. In fact when I was trying to understand its origin I hit upon this

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    1. Thank you Sunniesmybunnies for your thoughts.
      I visited the link you gave
      You articulated very well and the 5 tips are extremely helpful.Thank you
      Appreciate you taking time for visiting my blog post.

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      1. Thank you so much , looking forward to many more

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