Bad Reputation/ Liar

She is real rude
She is humorous humiliating
She is unique fake
She is loved spoilt
She is a self loving self- centered person
She smokes, drinks and parties like you and others is a slut and a brat
She is hard working lucky
She does not justify when we confront her, because she knows you won’t trust her she is guilty

Is everything that glitters is gold ? .
Not everyone with a bad reputation is actually bad.
So you still think she is really nasty, aloof, antagonistic, callous, rude ? .

-People with bad reputations have the best stories to tell

Ignore all hatred and criticism
Live for what you create
and Die protecting it
-Lady Gaga

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6 thoughts on “Bad Reputation/ Liar

  1. Marvelous. I was spellbound. The last few verses are my favorite. Keep up the good Work

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  2. Thanks. I hope the message contained within the style of the poetry is clear. But, like with all poetry and metaphor, it is open to interpretation. But, dear readers and onlookers, remember the lesson of “trust” because appearances can be deceiving.

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  3. Sometimes an image takes some living up too!

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