The Bridge

A busy city

is struck by disaster.

Many drivers are thankful

 that they were not faster.

A canyon opened

in front of their eyes,

some were lucky

to escape with their lives.

The unfortunate ones

could never have known,

what lay in store

when they left home.

Friends starting

their holidays

passed fellow travellers

on their working day.

Others who,

were down below

pulled their curtains

as the carnage grew.

The blame game

will now begin,

as politicians

express their chagrin.

That is no value

to those bereaved,

who know their loved ones

did not have to leave.

flag italy
Photo by JÉSHOOTS on

1 thought on “The Bridge

  1. And as is always the case, unforeseen factors will be to blame!

    Liked by 2 people

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