Epiphanic Love

: A postmodern love tale by Ritika Gupta

‘ “It was at congregation; yes.” I was dazed. 

“Are you serious? Really? –No, no, no, no— No! Don’t tell me that you, you, you…” and the obnoxious yet unaffecting sound of her vexed shut clung to me till now. ‘

“Come on, it’s all past now.” Sara held his right shoulder firmly, steadily tightening his grip, in a way as if, he is encouraging him to sob even more; cry even louder.

After few minutes Raven shattered inside Sara’s body, so much so that Sara was left with no other option but to embrace him. A moment passed in warmth, silence and annihilating emotions.

On the other side, the jingle bells amplified, as the longed planned clandestine was arriving. At home, Yarun pinged Naveen. 

“Ready?” Her voice tickled Naveen.

“I’m standing near the porch? Where the hell are you?” Naveen smirked mischievously. 

“Ah! I know you aren’t. Huh” she gave a light giggle. “Now go!”

The dawn was breaking, turning into sombre shades of dark red, as Yarun stood to gaze out of the fine-glass of her little room. “Love” she whispered in her rather mettlesome voice.

But outside the barn of Raven’s estate, was not so. The shades seemed to pour hopelessness in his heart. 

P.S. — Influenced by Postmodernism, and Postmodernist writers like, Jeanette Winterson, this story is an attempt to break certain common stereotypes, that we all confront in our daily lives. One of the apparent subversion here is, the NAME— Raven and Sara, are males, where as, Yarun and Naveen are females. Thus, the story is self-conscious and aims to be different, perplexing and engaging, once understood.

This was part one of the story. Read future parts on @ritikapeace

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2 thoughts on “Epiphanic Love

  1. An intriguing tale!

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    1. thank you. 🙂

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