Waves took my heart away.

My world had shrunk. It had shrank on that coarse sandy piece of land where neither water nor humans stayed for too long. What was wrong with it? Was it its fault to not hold the water or manipulate humans to stay there for too long or was it because of it’s bad luck like mine to not have someone forever? Whatever it was, it was on that sandy, emotionless piece of land.

Those cool wind currents had although been brushing away Jenna’s hair onto her face making me eager to rub them away, but they had beenĀ poisoningĀ  me. Those waves, that are like a promĀ for any couple to romance, were roaring at me. It was clear that they were on Jenna’s side and they roared hate. Despite this flipping of world you know what I did? I stood there. Although the land had slipped from my feet, the air was killing me, the waves were tearing my auditory nerves, I just stood. Jenna had just told me that she hated me and she will forget me forever. If you ask me, I think she had already forgotten me the moment she didn’t blush looking into my eyes and the most important thing, she didn’t look away shyly like my eyes had always provoked her, but instead, she said those three heavy, powerful and magical words,”I hate you.”

While I was lost in the scene trying to disbelieve if, Jenna kept her fingers on my hand trying to hold it. That touch always used to make my blood warmly flow in my lower back, it haunted me for the first time. It was like I had lost her. As though she was in some other world and I was in some other and that the girl who told me this wasn’t my Jenna, my best friend, that girl looked like her, but she was not her. Poor me, still didn’t believe my present. To my action of taking my hand away from hers she immediately responded,

“Matty! I’m sorry.”

This time she wasn’t angry at me like she was when she said those three magical words.I didn’t reply to which she again came forward to hold my hand. Till now I had known that another touch from her would just burn me. I stepped back.

“Matty! Stop running away from me. What’s wrong with you?! Let me at least speak!”

“No, no, Jenna if you wanna say anything, just say it but don’t touch me, don’t kill me.” I broke down.

“Kill you? If you think my touch can kill you then I really want to touch your whole body, your mind, your heart because when you forgot me, you killed me then too.” She broke down.

“Oh really, when did I forget you?”I said.

“You treated me like some random friend and you thought you still had me. No you didn’t because I was never just a friend and you know that,” she screamed.

To this, I couldn’t control myself and I cupped her face tightly letting her hair dance to the back.”I treated you like a friend and you are treating me like a stranger. How can you hate me?” I said, looking into her eyes, standing so close that her rose flavored perfume was travelling into my nasal cavity. “I’m sorry,” I said crying hard.

“I’m sorry too,” she said.

“No, don’t be, it’s not your fault………”

“No, no Matty. I mean, I’m sorry for I hate you, I really do. Okay, even if I’m not hating you, I don’t love you either. Matty, I don’t love you anymore.”

I moved away and wiped my tears.

“Yes, yes Matty. This is the truth. I don’t love you anymore or I should say……”,she was about to say another set of four magical words when I stopped her,”Ya’h you’re right Jenna.”

“Matty don’t be angry but…………”,and instead of her, I spoke those four magical words.

“I had my chance,” I said to which she was shocked and replied,”huh?”

“Ya’h I know,” I firmly replied.

“So I don’t think I need to speak anything else,” she said wiping her tears and started to walk away. After those fifteen loud steps, she returned back and said,”It’s strange how you knew what I was going to say.”

“Ya’h,” I laughed and said.

“It’s because IĀ  was your best friend Jenna,” I replied.


2 thoughts on “Waves took my heart away.

  1. This is a true heartbreaker. I can only imagine what went through each of your minds, after you parted.


  2. Straight to my heart. As short as this was, I really got to feel Matty’s pain and acceptance. Thank you for sharing, I hope to read more soon šŸ™‚


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