Are you a Travel Freakie!!! Then, Next Stop is “VIETNAM”

Planning for a trip..Want to go to a place that looks like in films. Breathtaking Bridge In Vietnam Has Just Been Opened And It Looks Like Something From Lord Of The Rings.A new bridge in Vietnam is causing quite a stir for its unusual design.BlxRQTiBxdJ-png__700

Bridge outside Da Nang in Vietnam is wowing visitors with its elegant design – seemingly being held aloft by two giant stone hands.Two giant hands seem to suspend a golden pedestrian bridge which recently opened at the Bà Nà Hills mountain resort just outside of the city of Da Nang, Vietnam.IMG_20180731_161842
The 500-foot bridge rests in two outstretched palms which have been weathered with cracks and moss to give the appearance of age. While walking along the attraction visitors can look out over the sweeping mountains at a height of nearly 4,600 feet above sea level, and take in the beauty of the bright purple Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers which dot the structure’s perimeter with the golden tinge of the bridge.IMG_20180731_161858
Ho Chi Mihn-based TA Corporation appears to be responsible for the landscape concept, though no designer has been attached to the finished piece. Now, the 1.5 million visitors that flock to Bà Nà Hills will be able to take in this new attraction, which adds to their impressive list of sites.IMG_20180731_161821
The Ba Na hills mountain retreat was a favourite holiday location for the ruling French authorities in the early 20th century but fell into ruin after the revolution against colonial rule in 1945. The area is now home to a replica French village and gardens, along with a 5.8km cable car track – once the world’s longest and highest – as well as a cavernous concrete amusement complex, hidden beneath the kitsch-looking village. Visitors can already visit the Fantasy Park, which was inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and impressive French Gardens.IMG_20180731_161801

The bridge itself was the recent location of a bridal fashion show and will surely attract selfie-lovers from around the world. The structure is reportedly part of a $2 billion investment to bring more tourists to the area.

Trying to figure out how much it costs to travel Vietnam and how many dong you need to bring? The local currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong. The Indian Rupee is way stronger than the dong. As of today, the conversion rate is 1 Indian Rupee = 347 Vietnamese Dong. Given this information I would say that the costs remain at par with average costs in India. Carry adequate Dong with you always. Also, you would need cash as most places don’t accept cards. Just Apply for Visa, Go and come back which costs you less than 50k rupees.



6 thoughts on “Are you a Travel Freakie!!! Then, Next Stop is “VIETNAM”

  1. Wow !! 😍
    Thank you for the info 😇 I didn’t know there was such a bridge !!

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  2. Seriously Vietnam has so much attraction I didn’t knew…

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  3. Thank you for the rich information

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  4. It’s defiantly on my bucket list.<3


  5. Breathtaking bridge and scenery! ❤️🦋🌀


  6. I need to go back to Vietnam to see this bridge! Wow!👍


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