|| A question for you ||

According to you,

If you want to learn a foreign language, what is the most important thing you must have ??…..

I have some different ideologies about this. Check them out, if you are interested to know more about the topic here –

A journey with English.

B. M.

13 thoughts on “|| A question for you ||

  1. Native speakers to converse with.

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    1. Okay….but have you read my view?….


  2. Honestly no. I just answered the question.

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    1. Alright… 😁..
      My answer was ‘Love’….❤
      Love for the language..

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      1. I had that and spoke Spanish fairly well in high school. The teacher loved me. But even after years of classes I never reached the ability to converse with native speakers because I didn’t have the practice.

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      2. There’s no practice in love. Nothing at all. It’s automated…That’s why I call that ‘it will never be a process or training’…..🙂🙂
        Thank you for dropping your comment…(I thought i’ll not get any comments on scribblers arena. May be the readers have forgotten about me….😑)….

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  3. A good memory and an open mind!

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    1. That too are important…🙂….
      Thanks for answering..❤


  4. Resources to learn the language and the time to spend learning it.

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    1. And the dedication more importantly….
      Thank you for answering…☺

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      1. Exactly. It is very hard to focus at times esp there are other things that we do. And you are welcome.

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