“You were in my Dream”

I know “we don’t talk anymore“.

But yesterday when it was dawn, the sky turned into a prism and the sun was ready to shine. The air was untainted, and the window was set open. You came into my dream and I couldn’t stop myself from loving you again.

I am sure you remember, how we use to just lay beside each other and let our bodies have the discussion. And we used to just calmly interpret our heart beats and figure out who loves more.

Yesterday you dragged me on the same bed we used to make love on and forget all our sorrows. While we were making love and holding each other tight, your skin told mine, that you are still part of me.

But my dream broke like a falling star. When you left suddenly, and I didn’t felt my heart in my chest. And I wonder “If you took it along”.

3 thoughts on ““You were in my Dream”

  1. Lovely

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow that is beautiful.


  3. That’s beautiful. How funny. I had a dream yesterday about someone too


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