The Road

I follow the footsteps
of those who went before me,

they lead me to
where I have to be.

I trace their footprints
with my own

to try to find the wisdom
that they have sown.

The road to follow
is both steep and long

with many a turn
that will set you wrong.

To choose the right one
it must be clear

that you can only pass
without any sign of fear.

Depression falls like a fog
to hide the way

and would be grateful
for you to stay.

Do not rush,
you will be fine,

for everyone knows,
fog lifts with time.

light road landscape nature
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9 thoughts on “The Road

  1. Oh my the ending! 🖤

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  2. An inspiring piece!

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  3. Bri with the thoughts Nov 16, 2018 — 00:55

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  4. Fog presents a good occasion to sit and meditate, or write.

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  5. In Africa there is a saying that Goes like (indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili) it translate to a route is asked from those who are ahead. Great writing

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  6. ‘Fog lifts with time.’ Beautifully written.

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