My name is Woman

I am the
joker of my family
inconsistent I am
I can hardly handle
a pot of boiling milk
I hate to wait
till the milk
boils to the brim
I switch on the TV
or make a call
in between the gap
when the milk froths
from nowhere I smell
something burnt
only to remember
that my task was simple enough
to focus on the milk
and switch it off
when risen to the brim

I hate to be that
circus clown
who juggles
multiple balls
in an eye blink
I am surprised
at people
who efficiently
different tasks
in a stipulated time

I remember
my good old days
when I did
background tasking
while talking on the phone
I rode my bike
only to realize
I went high low on a bump
that could ever cry moo
stepping down I was taken aback
to see a big fat buffalo

I hate
when my boss
constantly multitasks
tidying the desk,
sending an instant message
and rounding up reports
when I had to
discuss an issue
but yet
no matter how busy
he is
he takes time
to make me
feel important

in the world
of multitasking
my waist has doubled
as my library book loan
however, hard I try
one at a time
I end up
many at a go

multitasking has become
my necessity
rather than
an option
to juggle tasks
with lightning hands
at the end of the day
no matter how tired I am
of multitasking
I am happy
to see my family smile
when they believe
their super mom
multitasking wife
is always ready
to handle them
with a magical smile
carrying a bag of tricks
I will come to their rescue
with just a call or a yell!

5 thoughts on “My name is Woman

  1. Should i say my name is girl wow i can’t get enough of your write ups

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad if it is a wow from u😃😃


  2. With one exception, people take my multi-tasking with a sigh, as they know I usually get things done, on time and under budget.

    Liked by 1 person

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