Calling All Artists

You choke the vein and I’ll spit out the blood.
My art is coloured by your war,
some tainted debt I carry around.

For your business mixed with
my pleasure of creation
– follows only destruction;
is something bitter I’ll have to swallow.
What you shatter, we’ll magnify
a thousand times over.

Our balms your bullets can’t break.

One art form to another
like brother and sister
we’ll grow up together
past the same unfortunate childhood.

Art and War; being almost incestuous.
You choke the vein and I’ll spit out the blood.

  • By Sanjukta Chauhan

6 thoughts on “Calling All Artists

  1. Hey!!!!! Cool!!!!!! I will reblog this to be scheduled next week!!@@!

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  2. I just read it again and … it’s so fucking amazing!!!!!!! Holy shit!!!!!!! Haha. I just… I want to say thank you. Thank you a million times over 🙂

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    1. HEY ❤ OMG thank you so much ! I'm so so so happy that you liked it so much! Apologies for the late reply as I'm not very active on wordpress… will be setting up my website at the end of december so I look forward to connecting with people here!


      1. Nah it;s all good lovely. I’m not usually one to be active online either. I mean… I dont regularly do the rounds of different social media platforms. So… I’m just.. wherever whatever. lol

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      2. hahaha I totally know what you mean 😛 i’M SO SCATTER-BRAINED. I’m only on my poetry page on instagram but yeah I can’t handle more than that 🙂

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  3. Hey I have since taken all my blog posts down but I remember this. I still want to uplift you though. Because.. why am I the only one who has commented anything on this?!?! Hahaha.
    Hmm. Yeah… I follow you on Instagram. Can you message me? Or I’ll message you?


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