Dear Teacher,

With all my collected nerves; I make a request

Could you please swap homework with classwork?

As homework takes long and Mommy needs to explain

I hardly get time to play; my evenings are no fun!

If you don’t feel offended, can I appeal?

Please slowdown to breathe between the lessons

You are always rushing on a treadmill!

Copying from the textbooks make my fingers ache

So much of writing makes me really pale!

I wish learning could be a movie or maybe a game

No weights on my shoulders and no fear to fail!

Yours sincerely

(A student somewhere in India)

Reply from a Teacher

My dear Student,

Trust me my dear; I totally understand your plea

But I’m no more a teacher; I’m just an employee

I have targets to achieve and deadlines to meet!

Many hats to wear all through the day

Teaching in the classroom, just a slight part

How much I miss ‘teaching’ my conscious knows

Rushing through the lessons, is not my wish

Hope you understand my compulsion

I can’t oblige your request until mine received

Yours Truly

(A teacher somewhere in India)

Hoping for a revolution in Indian education system….. hope it will serve ‘education’ soon.


© 2018 Charu Gupta and Potpourri of life











13 thoughts on “TWO SIDES OF A COIN

  1. srilahari72 Aug 3, 2018 — 19:55

    Well said ! I am joining with you in the revolution.Really , really our education system needs a revamp.

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    1. Really, it’s a high time we should act. Being a teacher and a mother I can very well relate to it. I’m in for any reform.

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  2. U presented a true picture of education…A sigh 😔…

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    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah..I feel sad and disappointed…

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  3. Great story. Are you truly in India? I ask because this could have been written by any stu dent and teacher in a public school system here in the US. Such a shame it has cńanged so much over the years. Thanks foŕ sharing.

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    1. Yes, I’m an Indian and a teacher as well. Our education system needs an overhaul.


      1. All the best with that. The same had happened here. It is sad. Often times in addition to the difficulties at school, our public school teachers need to take on a second job to make ends meet. Some in this country want to privatize the system which doesn’t necessarily mean a better system for. Teachers or students. The struggle continues.


  4. Very well penned down conversation

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  5. This isn’t a problem in India, it’s everywhere.

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    1. Yes, you are right, and it’s really sad.

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