The Writer

In life there are some who pay close attention to details,

they are silent watchers and have the ability to understand unspoken words.

They do not pay much attention to the words you speak as much as they do to your eyes and body language.

They feel your anxiousness, frown at your hidden pain and light up to your bubbly joyfulness.

They do not have to hear you speak,

to tell that you need a hug or someone to hold your hand.

If you have such a person in your life,

he is most probably likely to be a writer.

5 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. Not a writer. Writers are not all like that. I don’t think of myself a writer, although I recognise myself in your words. I recognise my mirror in your… picture.

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  2. Looks like I am one
    Thank you zena

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    1. Thank you for reading 😊

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      1. With great pleasure Zena


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