Naked truth

Naked Truth

A thousand men can’t undress a naked man.

~Greek proverb

Inspiration by efisoul63 via


Since I am a layman,apologies for my ignorance. I am not sure what

exactly the proverb trying to convey .I request learned members to

enlighten me .

Don’t you agree that proverbs give us that extra knowledge and wonderful wisdom ??

Or you think proverbs are nothing but impossibilities or sometimes even absurdities,outdated sometimes contradictory … in context of modern word’s thinking prowess ?

I was not getting a proper and quick answer for the above proverb from the internet search and finally I was successful and  I felt one answer applies perfectly.

It means that honesty has no shame and nothing to hide

Princessblaise39(Yahoo answers)


Your thoughts on Proverbs ?

Curiosities in proverbs

Thank you.   Philosophy through photography

16 thoughts on “Naked truth

  1. Thank you have a nice day!!!!

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    1. Good morning and thank you for giving inspiration. Have a superb Sunday.

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      1. You too my friend and excuse me for the mistake♥️

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  2. I agree with you..well written friend.

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  3. Naked he is protected, he is already transparent to teh world, nothing more can be taken from him

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    1. Thank you so much Rev Paul,well said,since the person is transparent none can unsettle him.

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      1. Thank you – yes none can unsettle him.


  4. davidiclineage Oct 21, 2018 — 13:49

    Undress isn’t a problem when you’re clothed, and redress isn’t a problem when you’re healthy.

    But yeah, trying to undress the undressed would be as pointless as trying to cure health.

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    1. True.Thank you so much Davidclineage ,I always struggle to decipher other languages proverbs other than English,you are kind to guide me.Thank you.


  5. The emperor has new clothes is one way of denying the truth as well.

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    1. Well said Josievoice ,I could never think of the alternate meaning of the proverb. Thank you so much.

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  6. Proverbs can sometimes state the obvious. I like this one. Other time proverbs can get you thinking in a way that you normally wouldn’t. I see his one as to mean that you can’t take more away from a person when you have already stripped them. No matter how many more people or things you use. Once he’s nude or naked, that’s it.

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