Insensitive ✖️

It can be very irritating as well as disheartening to have people bring you down.

As humans, we’re all weak in heart.

It’s the tough exterior we are barricaded in that gives the idea we are strong, but really we all do get hurt sometimes and wish people were more selective of what they chose to say.

It takes a lot to become stronger, especially if you were once a softie, and by softie I mean, you cried at the least hurtful word and always were the one to take the first step in patching things up.

Well, once a softie, always a softie, but with a slight modification now.

I have learned that I can have a soft heart and be quite emotional, but I won’t allow myself to be moved by the hurtful things insensitive people say because it’s just their own mental issues doing the talking and not everything they say can be deemed concrete or reliable.

See, insensitive people will always have something mean to say against you. They will try to analyze every step and every move you make, and will reward you with their negative judgement, be it welcomed or unwelcomed.

They think they know you better than you know yourself.

They won’t listen to you defend yourself.

They will call you a liar and will immediately play ‘the oppressed and wronged’ role.

They are confident that their views, and their views only, are what count.

They will make light of any important statement you make, and when confronted will only go at you the ugly way.

So, yes, I may be a softie and may shed some tears at being hurt by someone who had previously shown me compassion and concern, but never by an insensitive domineering person.

19 thoughts on “Insensitive ✖️

  1. Courage the soft heart ,
    Nil can fade the light which glows within those soft heart.

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    1. Indeed. Not everyone realizes that kindness demands strength, softies are actually hardies 😅

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  2. syncwithdeep Aug 31, 2018 — 15:27

    Lovely zena, the princess warrior

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    1. you’ve unlocked the meaning of my name 😅

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      1. syncwithdeep Aug 31, 2018 — 15:44

        I love your name very much zena

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      2. Thank you. I wish I could gift it to you ☺️❤️

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      3. syncwithdeep Aug 31, 2018 — 20:14



  3. Very apt!! I am with you on this!❤️

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    1. Thank you. There’s many of us softies out there! ❤️

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  4. chrisbrittany Sep 1, 2018 — 16:40

    Great post Zena ❤
    I have been inactive lately but I am back now and it’s good to read your post after a long time !

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    1. happy to know you’re back and hope you’re well. ☺️ Just posted a new one. Hope you like it too. ❤️❤️


  5. Nice thoughts Zena.Glad I am seeing a strong Softie.But these are times we are supposed to face trolls.Strong softie like you must become strongest.Keep going !

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    1. Everyday is a struggle. Getting stronger is no longer a choice but an obligation. My journey is gradually getting me there.


  6. Yes, to all of this. I can say, I don’t miss people who are intentionally mean and downcasting, no matter how terrible they say their own lives have been. Stay true to yourself, Zena!

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    1. Thank you. Having terrible experiences shouldn’t make you a terrible person.

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  7. YYAAASSSSSS!!! QUEEN!!!!!! 🙂 hahaha I’m so pleased as punch!!!


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