Freaky Friday: Spook Spectacular!

Okay, so going to do something a little differently this time around. In fact, my Friday posts from here on out may be just for fun. A little levity in contrast to the more serious stuff I like to write.

So, what started all this was my wife and I’s realization over the past week that random things keep disappearing from our apartment. Plastic bowls, bags, checks, puzzle pieces, etc. The specific things that have gone missing are kept in areas that aren’t often utilized, and are well out of reach of our toddler. Our apartment isn’t that big, and we rarely gave guests over, simply due to the logistics of adulthood. These things go missing at random times, and we have looked EVERYWHERE. Its been weeks since we noticed some of these things were missing, and they’ve still yet to show up. Nothing that has gone missing has shown up as of yet, just for the record. Its a conundrum similar to the pop culture peril of socks that go missing in the dryer.

Now, I try and keep an open mind these days, but the idea that supernatural forces are stealing our stuff is a bit of a stretch for me. Even so, my wife and I joke as to the possibility of a portal to another dimension that moves around our dwelling. Its crazy talk, probably, but it reminds me that sometimes, theres just things you can’t explain.

For example, when I was younger, probably 10 or 11, my dad and I would have Nerf wars in the house. I’ll always remember what a pain it was trying to recollect all those balls, darts and pellets after the fact. One evening, after a rather extensive battle royale, we simply could not find the last small, foam ball. We looked everywhere in that house, for weeks, before finally giving up, and just writing it off as “weird.”

Fast forward several years. My parents had split up, and I was staying with my mom. We hadn’t long been in this new house across town, where mind you no Nerf wars had ever taken place, much less had I had any such toys there. We had cleaned the place top to bottom before moving in, so we knew definitively that nothing was in those rooms that we hadn’t brought there, besides basic fixtures. I’m in the bathroom one afternoon, taking a leak, and all of a sudden, I begin to feel strange. Its hard to describe, but its as if the whole environment…the vibe of the place just changed somehow, and in that moment, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I glanced down, and watched a small, yellow, foam Nerf ball, exactly like the one we had lost all those years ago, casually roll out from behind the toilet. I freaked. It was easily the strangest thing that had happened to me to that point. I instantly called my dad to tell him what had happened. He was in shock about it as well. We still talk about it to this day, and it still gives me chills.

My mom’s side of the family has many first-hand ghost stories, and I’ve talked to a number of people through the years that have some pretty amazing paranormal stories. I now have a few mild ones of my own as well. However, I still remain a skeptic.

My questions to you:

What do you make of the events I shared?

Do you believe in the paranormal?

What is a similar experience that has happened to you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so lets get those comments going!

Thanks for reading. I hope this peaked your interest. If so, check out my other stuff on my full site. I was just nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, which is very cool, and very humbling.

Take care guys and gals, and have a great weekend.

Catch ya next week! 🙂

– Andy

13 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Spook Spectacular!

  1. chrisbrittany Sep 1, 2018 — 16:26

    Now this is spooky 😨

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  2. I loved this post cos I love spooky things happening though I have myself never experienced it.

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    1. Growing Pains Oct 27, 2018 — 00:07

      It kinda changes one’s life once you experience something…odd. Ha. These kinds of things run in my family though, for some strange reason. I dunno. The world is a strange place. Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for reading! 🙂

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  3. You’re welcome 🙂


  4. What do you make of the events I shared? Possible mouse in your house. As for the nerf ball, I would say it got wedged and eventually dislodged due to vibrations of people sitting over the years on the toilet.

    Do you believe in the paranormal? Only in the sense that our reality is not fully mapped so we should have events that can’t be explained. Keep in mind that the term Ghost is actually explaining something we don’t have an explanation for. When someone calls something a ghost people tend to stop researching and accept that it’s a human residue walking around. I reject such terms because we don’t know what they are. Could be something disguised as a person to get unchecked access to our environment, could be a government spy system (advanced science would look like magic), could be a new lifeform.

    What is a similar experience that has happened to you? I could send you a link of one thing I documented if you want it.


    1. Growing Pains Nov 5, 2018 — 21:00

      I don’t think a mouse could rid us of several large bowls and bags, although a puzzle piece or check…its possible.
      I do agree that there are things in the world that will cease to be “paranormal,” once we are able to fully understand them through science.
      I’d love to hear your story. So yes, please share. 🙂

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      1. Here is one that may fit into a paranormal viewpoint and it’s a true story that happened to me.

        I believe I know why this happens and can share that also if you want.

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      2. Growing Pains Nov 6, 2018 — 20:22

        Very interesting material. Thanks so much for sharing. I do feel you make some big jumps in your claims, but theres some solid evidence there as well. Ironically, I was just watching a documentary on “frame dragging” a few nights ago. Very interesting indeed…


      3. Frame dragging is an interesting concept and fits with relativity. There was a guy trying to build a time machine based n the concept. I researched it a long time ago and tried to reach out to him. He was trying to get funding at one of the major universities.

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      4. Growing Pains Nov 6, 2018 — 21:53

        He was featured heavily in the documentary, but I first became aware of him back in 2008.

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      5. If he succeeds he will be able to send a signal back in time a few mins. Maybe dreams are that technology in action. It’s said that advanced tech would be like magic to those who are not fully educated to that level.

        I had an idea for this process you may find it interesting, I will link it. If you have any other ideas on this topic please share otherwise nice talking to you.

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      6. Growing Pains Nov 6, 2018 — 22:21

        I’ve read all three parts of your series. Definitely some serious food for thought. I too have had dreams that predicted the future. Its so interesting to think about the prospect that this sort of thing could be evidence of future technology. Crazy! Good talking to you too.

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      7. Did you post your dreams and what happened in reality? If so link it so I can review, I’m reaching the phenomenon.


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