Because, I Am The Sunshine of My Life!!

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I longed to see you,
To talk to you,
No matter how you felt,
Always thought the friendship was mutual.

Little did I know that I was the one
trying to keep the door open.
The next chance you got
You shut the door on my face.

Whenever you would open,
You pretend as though nothing has happened.
I did not want to lose trust,
So I believed that true friendship always lasted.

I held onto it, though it was only from my end
Did everything to repair the relation.
Opened myself as I usually do
Little did I know, you were least interested,
As there were new friends who interest you.

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I was completely ignored , avoided when in group
People rumored our friendship to be something else.
Was deeply hurt, but did not lose trust
Thought if I believed the truth, it will all be normal
But didn’t realize nothing can never be normal again

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When life pulled me down,
I was hoping to see you come around
To hold my hand, to give me hope.
But when there was no one to pull me up and
there was just darkness around
That’s when I realized , I am my one true friend
I may be down, hurt, shattered and dread
But I will not give up on myself.

Because I am the sunshine of my life!
As long as I believe in everything I am and in what I do
Then I can never feel ignored, avoided or let down.

I may be alone
Fear may Dawn upon me as I try close my eyes
But I know when I wake up there will be light

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Now when I look back,
I feel I was foolish,
For losing myself in the process of gaining your friendship.
But my friend, I forgive you and thank you,
As in process of gaining your friendship,
I found something much more valuable; that is Myself!

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