I can run at a speed of 20 km per hour. An average human can run at a speed of 30 kms per hour. But our time runs out like how we suffer at the end of the month.

Fucking funny right ! Its usual. What could we do if time ruins of fate?

In my point of view, you better start to use the time.

Use the time in such a way that it :

1. Gives you profit.

2. Ask you to slow down.

3. Makes your brain to work in a way where all the neurotransmitters start to do its work.

If you cant use the time, dont ever let the time use your life………

If you can’t run along your time, dont ever slow down……….

There is a reason behind all your cant do it sayings.

The time answers the fate.

But fate answers the world of what we are to be used in.

Remember this :

If you ask time to slow down for your work or things, time slows down your life and further it makes your fate complicated.

So you be the master of your time. Your fate becomes your friend…….

Always ………………

6 thoughts on “Time

  1. anovicescribe Oct 18, 2018 — 23:50

    The moment I read “use the time” I lost it… Just telling you what I felt. 🤐🤐


    1. 😂😂😂


  2. davidiclineage Oct 19, 2018 — 11:05

    A friend once told me that, in his belief, it was Hitler’s fate to become one of history’s worst monsters, and his destiny to unite the Nations of Earth.

    Then the Third Reich fell, and the UN happened.

    I miss that friend. I hope he’s well.


    1. Its his time that decides his fate. He was not a monster in his point of view. He is as good as of thanos

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      1. davidiclineage Oct 19, 2018 — 11:16

        Decidedly Duncanesque response, in my view. I like it. There’s a certain magic to the window of time you’re alive, and to be robbed of that magic is to be a being out of time.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. An interesting thought!


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